Spa Water Treatment Follow Up Kit

//Spa Water Treatment Follow Up Kit

Spa Water Treatment Follow Up Kit

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Spa Water Treatment (Follow Up Kit)

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Spa Platinum pro(Follow Up Kit )(Spa Monthly 6 bottles/Spa Sanitizer/tablet 1 bottle )

  • Spa Platinum Pro Spa Monthly (water treatment and conditioner) will keep you water crystal clear and leave your skin soft like a baby  8 Oz x 6.
  • Spa Platinum Pro Sanitizer/Tablet)(it sanitizes the spa water 2Lbs X 1 It is the world’s 1st pre-measured, self-dissolving sanitizer combo.

The tablet automatically dissolves in water. Just toss one tablet into spa water and you’re done.  Simple & easy!  No need to measure or deal with obnoxious fumes or dust.

Spa Platinum Pro(sanitizer/Tablet)is the easiest and simplest way to sanitize and shock a spa.
It’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy bacteria free spa

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