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Spa Water Treatment Clean Up Kit

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Spa Water and pool clean up kit

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Spa Platinum Pro (Clean up Kit)

  • Spa Platinum Pro Filter cleanser (cleans up your Spa filter) 8 Oz x 2
  • Spa Platinum Pro Pipe Cleanser (cleans your spa and hot tub pipes) 8 Oz x 3
  • Spa Platinum Pro (vinyl & Shell Cleaner) One product for both Vinyl and Shell it is a proprietary formula of powerful yet gentle ingredients that removes scum and stains from your spa shell.  Utilizing natural ingredients such as coconut surfactants, it’s safe to use while in your tub. Will not alter water chemistry or cause foaming. It removes scum, dirt and stains with no residue. Simply spray and wipe. That’s it! (32 Oz X 1 )
  • Spa Platinum Pro (sanitizer/Tablet) It is the world’s 1st pre-measured, self-dissolving spa sanitizer combo. The tablet automatically dissolves in water. Just toss one tablet into spa water and you’re done. Simple & easy! No need to measure or deal with obnoxious fumes or dust. It is the easiest and simplest way to sanitize and shock a spa. It’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy bacteria free spa.(2 Lbs x 1)

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